[rdfweb-dev] RE: FOAF-interest usage

Morten Frederiksen mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk
Mon Mar 15 15:50:14 UTC 2004

On Monday 15 March 2004 10:44, Leigh Dodds wrote:
> Sure, but thats all predicated on the fact that people will use the same
> document as exemplars of their interest. This is relatively straightforward
> for say, XML and RDF as one can point to either the spec or the activity,
> but not that useful for something more general like "Information
> Architecture", or "Gardening".
Indeed, it's not a holy grail, but if both resources have URIs, it should be 
(more) straightforward to "join" them somehow.

> Perhaps there's a best practice issue here, as I've got similar
> reservations with how foaf:tipjar (newly added to the spec I see) is
> specified.

> This term also has a range of foaf:Document, but notes that "We expect, but
> do not currently specify, that this will evolve into a hook for finding
> more machine-readable information to support payments..".
> This means, to me at least, that we may ultimately want to use something
> other than foaf:Document in that element, e.g. ns:PaymentMechanism.
> If so, isn't it always better to use a more general range of Resource when
> describing a term whose usage is expected to develop "organically", rather
> than overspecifying things initially?
Well, flexibility is good, but with flexibility comes complexity, as you then 
won't know what's at the "end" of the property, see dc:creator vs. foaf:maker.

In any case, you could still attach some ns:PaymentMechanism properties to 
the Document described, as in, "this document, which is my tipjar info page, 
describes how to pay via this mechanism etc.". Perhaps not ideal, but not 


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