[rdfweb-dev] RE: IMP schema thoughts

bryce benton himself at brycebenton.us
Tue Mar 16 13:07:37 UTC 2004

Jeremy Gray wrote:
> If you haven't already, it would also be a good idea to look at Photoshop's
> Action scripts, its History mechanism, and things like that.

I very briefly looked into Photoshop's Action scripts. This simply 
involved opening an .atn file in a text editor and observing, "Nope, not 
text based."

Aside: In my recent surfing around, I've discovered that a macro 
recording feature akin to Photoshop's (very simple to use) Action 
recording feature is something that has been repeatedly requested of the 
GIMP for several years. Not being a GIMP developer, I don't see what's 
the big deal: "Hey GIMP, everything that I do, just make a note of it."

It seems to me that there are certainly overlaps between the GIMP, 
Photoshop and other IMP's. For any function, you need to know the name 
of the function and some parameters. Even if one program might expect or 
allow more or less parameters, at least *some* of the parameters would 
surely be the same for congruent functions.

One thing that comes to mind is ADODB, which abstracts various SQL 
languages into a common language. MySQL may want a query written one 
way, but MSSQL may like it another way. No problem: just change the 
ADODB database parameter.

Actually, the GIMP is already abstracted. It's already possible to call 
the features from several languages (Perl, Python, Ruby, et al).

Making these calls work on different IMP's could be as complex as 
invoking some sort of translation/converter script or simply doing the 
steps manually.


p.s. Hey, I just found this potentially helpful tool[1]: it converts the 
pdb into HTML documentation files. This could be tweaked to create a 
schema, no?

[1] http://hans.breuer.org/gimp/pdb/pdb2doc.py

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