[rdfweb-dev] The Scutter Volume problem

Morten Frederiksen mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk
Wed Mar 17 16:58:42 UTC 2004

On Wednesday 17 March 2004 09:35, Julian Bond wrote:
> Is there a binary distribution of Redland for use with PHP and MS
> Windows yet? Without that I can't use it and I'd like to.
As far as I understand it, Redland requires a POSIX system. This can be 
obtained with something like cycwin. I know for a fact that Jim has gotten 
the parsing part of Redland (Raptor) working that way, and I seem to remember 
sucessful reports about Redland itself as well.

> Looking at the wiki page for application ideas
> (http://rdfweb.org/topic/ApplicationIdeas), maybe 1/3 of them require a
> local smushed data store of triples. Even though moderately old data is
> still useful, I think you have to solve the data expiry problem in the
> original design. It's too easy to simply ignore it, but that will bite
> you later. As we're trying to synchronise a local store with the
> originals, we have to deal with modify and delete as well as add and the
> only way to do this is by triple. Once the data has been smushed it's
> too hard to find the original source.
Agreed, although the approach with tagging each triple with a source 
identifier should still be usable, especially when updating on the document 

The real problem then lies with the smushing effect, in that information that 
led to a smush may have been retracted the next time a document is fetched. 
Aside from a complete transactional history of smushes, and the ability to 
roll back, remove a transaction, and roll forward again, I don't see an easy 
way to do this. I do know that some people are working on this problem, 
by maintaining a separate table with owl:sameAs statements, but I'm not sure 
about the viability of that approach.

> Most of this came from trying to build RateMyFoaf and FoafCollage and
> their interaction with things like Plink. I keep getting forced back to
> dealing with individual FOAF files and displaying only the contents of
> that file without smushing it with other files.
Could you provide details on your reasons for that need, I'm not sure I 
understand why that would be necessary?


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