[rdfweb-dev] The Scutter Volume problem

Julian Bond julian_bond at voidstar.com
Wed Mar 17 18:02:34 UTC 2004

Morten Frederiksen <mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk> wrote:
>On Wednesday 17 March 2004 09:35, Julian Bond wrote:
>> Is there a binary distribution of Redland for use with PHP and MS
>> Windows yet? Without that I can't use it and I'd like to.
>As far as I understand it, Redland requires a POSIX system. This can be
>obtained with something like cycwin. I know for a fact that Jim has gotten
>the parsing part of Redland (Raptor) working that way, and I seem to remember
>sucessful reports about Redland itself as well.

I'm sure it's possible. I simply don't have the time to setup a tool 
chain to do the compiles myself. On Linux it's comparatively simple. But 
on Windows it's probably not. Or maybe it is.

>> Most of this came from trying to build RateMyFoaf and FoafCollage and
>> their interaction with things like Plink. I keep getting forced back to
>> dealing with individual FOAF files and displaying only the contents of
>> that file without smushing it with other files.
>Could you provide details on your reasons for that need, I'm not sure I
>understand why that would be necessary?

First smush all the data together so that for a person I've got just
- Images of them
- Common names
- FOAF URLs where they appear as a primary topic
- People they know and who know them with links to similar pages
Then display this person with just that data. Now if I want to display 
the rest of their data, jump to a profile page like your own FOAF 
Explorer and get it direct from the source.

The alternative is to store it all locally. If I don't smush it first, 
there's no gain over fetching the data right then apart from some speed 
and bandwidth. If I do smush it, I've got a big pile of tricky queries 
and the problem of the data being out of date.

The end result is that it's easier to fall back on re-fetching the data, 
which then means providing a list of "Profile" links each one of which 
goes to the data from a single FOAF file. It's one of those things where 
it's technically accurate but I'm forcing the underlying data structure 
onto the user's UI.

I can't promise this works or is even up but while my laptop is on and 
at home you can see this at

I haven't put it up on the web because I still can't get the scutter 
stable enough. PHP RDFAPI has trouble coping with the sheer size of a 
few of the files. And I'm still having problems with the smushing 
screwing up due to mildly bizarre FOAF. More on that later.

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