[rdfweb-dev] [KlogMS] A new RDF-related project...

Kwan kwan at finger-style.com
Thu Mar 18 00:21:43 UTC 2004

Hi All,

I am Kwan and is really interested in RDF and other semantic web related 
topics, and am doing a research in knowledge managment system. I have 
drafted out the KlogMS system (knowledge weblog management system), and 
is going to implement it.

You could just think the KlogMS is an editable version of FOAF, and the 
major purpose is for knowledge sharing and linking for this time. One 
special thing for the KlogMS is the idea of "knowledge chunking". In the 
KlogMS, everything are just chunks, including a piece of knowledge, a 
category, a person, etc. In the presentation, a chunk will display the 
content of itself, as well as some content for the sub-chunks in the 
lower level. Between a chunk and a sub-chunk, there maybe given an 
"include", "has reply", "has topic" relationship. Where these 
relationships are specified by an URI, which means the KlogMS can be 
built up across different servers. It makes KlogMS look just like FOAF 
and that is the reason why I mail to this list.

I am thinking about the volcabulary set now... just slowed down because 
I dont have much experience in designing a document with OWL and RDFS. 
Moreover, I dont know if there is existing element set that is suitable 
for the KlogMS. If that exists, I have to know how can I use that and to 
decide use which for each property... just like how does the FOAF use 
namespaces BIO and GEO.

I have just setup some tools for communication and documentation making. 
You can find the link for wiki, forum ... in our page:


You could probably find out that there are other projects started out to 
support the KlogMS. They include an "Object Manipulator" and the "Object 
Querying" engine. Without the Object Manipulator, KlogMS documents will 
remain quiet on the servers just as the FOAF do. So this is another 
major part of the KlogMS. You could think this a a RDF editor, but is 
designed to work in an user-friendly way, which should just like the 
editor for an ordinary wiki/blog (wysiwyg is also recommanded for places 
that hold xhtml data, just my opinion in the point of user-friendliness).

Just would like to seek for comments for the KlogMS project, and would 
like to know if anybody is interested in contributing... Expert ideas 
are valuable for us!


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