[rdfweb-dev] namespace for for resume related information

Patrick Kollitsch patrick at blogfarm.de
Fri Mar 19 06:49:43 UTC 2004

hi @ all,

sorry for my crappy english (german is mothertongue).

at http://grauhirn.org/cv/ you can read about cv, a foaf-namespace for 
resume related information. the discussion about a kind of 
blog-talent-pool powered by rdf or foaf started at 
http://www.buzzmachine.com/archives/2004_02.html#006228 and made Alp 
Uckan (http://uckan.info/) and me (Patrick Kollitsch, 
http://schreibblogade.de/) thinking about the general possibility of 
making available your resume-related information via foaf.

the aim of that namespace is to provide facilities of storing 
information a job-search-engine would need. maybe it will be possible to 
store all information about a persons resume in the foaf-file and make 
it parseable for a kind of job-search-engine or an application for a post.

we made 4 main-elements:

a simple yes/no-mark, if the person is available for jobs and projects

detailed information about an occupation in the past or present

school, study and so on

skills of the person in programs, languages* or specific topics.
* we made an extra language-section here, because the lang:masters from 
http://purl.org/net/inkel/rdf/schemas/lang/1.1# has no notation of the 
quality the person speaks that language. maybe you got another idea to 
realize that

the namespace at this time ist more for technical resumes but should be 
quite simple extendable for other spheres.

at http://textwerk.grauhirn.org/cv-namespace-fuer-foaf/ you find an 
tutorial (sorry, its german) about the namespace, on 
http://schreibblogade.de/1013-CV-Namespace-fuer-FoaF-Files.htm is an 
anouncement for it (in german too, but you can comment in english).

i appreciate every reponse, comment or report on what you think about 
the namespace, its functions (and its right to exist?).

thanks in advance

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