[rdfweb-dev] namespace for for resume related information

Patrick Kollitsch patrick at blogfarm.de
Fri Mar 19 16:37:51 UTC 2004


> Nice, I'll work my CV using it and reply with more comments.
> One thing about
>  <cv:skill>
>         <cv:language>
>             <cv:quality>basics</cv:quality>
>             <dc:title>islandic</dc:title>
>         </cv:language>
>     </cv:skill>
> it's too XMLish. I think that cv:language should be subclass of cv:skill 
> and use an ISO language id (ISO 639 or 639-1) as rdf:ID. dc:title should 
> be replaced by rdfs:label?

do you mean that like that:

    <cv:language rdf:ID="IS" rdfs:label="islandic">


shure that would be more standardcompliant and less fault-prone by false 
written language-titles. I try to implement that in the next version.


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