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Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Fri Mar 19 16:55:22 UTC 2004

Hi Patrick, looking good.

Minor point - I did find it a little confusing that you've used 
lower-case intial letters for the class names in the code, although in 
the text they do follow the (unofficial) convetion of being upper-case 
(properties starting lower-case).

Uldis Bojars (CaptSolo) has also put together a schema for CVs. I've not 
checked, but I bet there are some equivalences you can map across. You 
might want to find a Latvian-German dictionary too ;-)



Patrick Kollitsch wrote:

> hi @ all,
> sorry for my crappy english (german is mothertongue).
> at http://grauhirn.org/cv/ you can read about cv, a foaf-namespace for 
> resume related information. the discussion about a kind of 
> blog-talent-pool powered by rdf or foaf started at 
> http://www.buzzmachine.com/archives/2004_02.html#006228 and made Alp 
> Uckan (http://uckan.info/) and me (Patrick Kollitsch, 
> http://schreibblogade.de/) thinking about the general possibility of 
> making available your resume-related information via foaf.
> the aim of that namespace is to provide facilities of storing 
> information a job-search-engine would need. maybe it will be possible 
> to store all information about a persons resume in the foaf-file and 
> make it parseable for a kind of job-search-engine or an application 
> for a post.
> we made 4 main-elements:
> cv:available
> a simple yes/no-mark, if the person is available for jobs and projects
> cv:occupation
> detailed information about an occupation in the past or present
> cv:education
> school, study and so on
> cv:skill
> skills of the person in programs, languages* or specific topics.
> * we made an extra language-section here, because the lang:masters 
> from http://purl.org/net/inkel/rdf/schemas/lang/1.1# has no notation 
> of the quality the person speaks that language. maybe you got another 
> idea to realize that
> the namespace at this time ist more for technical resumes but should 
> be quite simple extendable for other spheres.
> at http://textwerk.grauhirn.org/cv-namespace-fuer-foaf/ you find an 
> tutorial (sorry, its german) about the namespace, on 
> http://schreibblogade.de/1013-CV-Namespace-fuer-FoaF-Files.htm is an 
> anouncement for it (in german too, but you can comment in english).
> i appreciate every reponse, comment or report on what you think about 
> the namespace, its functions (and its right to exist?).
> thanks in advance
> patrick
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