[rdfweb-dev] Relationship property names

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Fri Mar 19 19:09:08 UTC 2004

Hi Jeremy,

On Friday, March 19, 2004, 5:29:09 PM, Jeremy Gray wrote:

> The problem I see is that the general convention for properties reads like
> this

> X (has property) P (of value) Y
> Or
> (the) P (of) X (is) Y

> But your usage appears to be
> X (is the) P (of value) Y
> and is quite difficult to express in the second style from the convention.
Yes, I understand this. I think there are some properties that can be
renamed in this style (friendOf/friend, spouseOf/spouse) but others
are not so easy such as worksWith or even, from FOAF itself, knows.
I'm suggesting that there might be a difference for these context
dependent properties.


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