[rdfweb-dev] Another relationships proposal

Ian Davis iand at internetalchemy.org
Fri Mar 19 19:43:38 UTC 2004

Hi David,

On Friday, March 19, 2004, 7:06:11 PM, David Menendez wrote:
> For kinship relations, I suggest this heirarchy of properties:

>   kin
>     ancestor
>       parent
>         mother
>         father
>     sibling
>       sister
>       brother
>     descendent
>       child
>         daughter
>         son
This is really good.

I feel however, that different cultures will treat ancestry in
different ways. Some societies are matrilineal, tracing ancestry
solely through the female line, others are patrilineal. Some cultures
associate males with the father's male line and females with the
mother's female line. There are many other lineage systems.

> For biological relationships (pedigree), we only need one property like
> "biologicalParent". We can also define two classes:

>     SexuallyConceivedBeing a owl:Class
>     ; rdfs:subClassOf
>       [ a owl:Restriction
>       ; owl:onProperty biologialParent
>       ; owl:cardinality "2"^^xsd:integer
>       ]
>     ].
>     AsexuallyConceivedBeing a owl:Class
>     ; rdfs:subClassOf
>       [ a owl:Restriction
>       ; owl:onProperty biologicalParent
>       ; owl:cardinality "1"^^xsd:integer
>       ]
>     ].

> Note that "biologicalParent" is entirely unconnected with "parent". It
> may be useful to define convenience terms that are subproperties of
> "biologicalParent" and "mother" or "father" for brevity, but I can't
> think of any good names.
I think these would be genitor (male) and genetrix (female).

> Marriage is more complicated, because it has a time aspect. People are
> married after a certain date or during a certain period. I suggest
> something like this:

>     [ a Marriage
>     ; between A, B
>     ; during
>       [ a Period
>       ; began "2004-01-01"
>       ]
>     ].

Is this making the assumption that it is between two people? In the
bio schema (http://purl.org/vocab/bio/) a Marriage event has a date
and a place but I haven't defined anything more yet.

There is a distinction between the relationship of Marriage (which I
would model as a subClass of rel:Relationship) and the Marriage event
itself (bio:Marriage is subclass of bio:Event). The event involves
more participants than the relationship. The relationship lasts longer
(one hopes) than the event. Once the event has happened it exists for
all time whereas the relationship will necessarily not be in existence
at some time in the future.


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