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David Menendez zednenem at psualum.com
Fri Mar 19 20:09:40 UTC 2004

Jim Ley writes:

> "Michael Bauser" <michael at bauser.com>
> > Jim Ley wrote:
> >
> > > Michael Bauser michael at bauser.com wrote in:
> >
> > > According to you, we should be able to infer from these 8 basic
> > > things, without fear, that this is a contradiction:
> > >
> > > Jim son JimsMother daughter JimsMothersMother
> > > and
> > > JimsSister daughter JimsMothersMother
> > > and
> > > Jim Sister JimsSister
> >
> > OK, maybe I'm confused by inconsisent spacing,
> Sorry, but  I figured 1 space between each label made sense.
> > but I *think* you're
> > asserting that Jim is "son" to one person and "sister" to another?
> No  I am saying that someone is a Sister to someone whos grandparent
> is the mother of, in normal English usage she'd be my Aunt, but she's
> my sister, the exact reasons why she's a sister and not an aunt could
> probably be modelled with your now introduced 3 fold way, but not
> really

Using the kinship vocabulary I suggest elsewhere, this might be
represented as:

  JMM daughter JM, JS.   ("JMM has daughters JM and JS")
  JM son J.              ("JM has son J")
  J sister JS.           ("J has sister JS")


  J mother JM; sister JS.  ("J has mother JM and sister JS")
  JM mother JMM.           ("JM has mother JMM")
  JS mother JMM.           ("JS has mother JMM")

Or even:

  JMM daughter JM, JS.
  JM mother JMM; son J.
  JS mother JMM.
  J mother JM; sister JS.

Because the kinship terms refer to their subject's cultural norms, one
cannot conclude whether the above is contradictory or simply different.
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