[rdfweb-dev] Smushing the Semantic Web / Invalid data in IFP's

Perry Lorier perry at coders.net
Mon Mar 22 11:52:08 UTC 2004

James Carlyle wrote:
> Perry
> Scutters that smush should adopt the most careful strategy, to avoid
> false assertions being presented later.  A conservative smushing
> strategy is to ignore smushing of resources that have contradictions in
> properties that are specified as unique.
> For example, both foaf:jabberID and foaf:mbox_sha1sum have OWL Type: An
> InverseFunctionalProperty (uniquely identifying property).  


> If we got contradictions, like two Persons who had different uniquely
> identifying mailbox hashes, but the same uniquely identifying jabberIDs,
> we could abandon smushing on those resources.

However, it's common for people to have multiple email accounts, and to 
use them for different things (eg, my work email and my home email 
accounts).  I'm the same person (or, at least I hope I am...), but I 
have two very different "identities".  The foaf file for me at work 
doesn't mention my home email, or home phone etc, and my foaf file for 
my "home" stuff doesn't mention my work email, or work phone.

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