[rdfweb-dev] Smushing the Semantic Web / Invalid data in IFP's

Stephen Pollei stephen_pollei at comcast.net
Tue Mar 23 17:03:25 UTC 2004

On Mon, 2004-03-22 at 05:09, Ian Davis wrote:

>  We probably need a smattering of functional
> properties as well ("hey this one's got two dna fingerprints, now THAT
> aint right...")

Actually strange as it sounds that might be right. I hear that some
people are actually composites. Supposedly if there were multiple eggs
that got fertilized that sometimes they fuse instead of forming distinct
twins. If the fusion is incomplete you might get Siamese twins. If it is
complete you might get people who look like they are genetically
contiguous but are in fact composites.

So you have to be very careful in your assumes of what is and is not
possible. Also dna checksums have problems that I mentioned in another
email... You need polymorphic markers.

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