[rdfweb-dev] Brain dump on foaf infrastructure and applications

Scott Northrop scott at dragonflylodge.org
Wed Mar 24 09:58:22 UTC 2004


Julian Bond mentioned:
 > [2] http://rdfweb.org/topic/ApplicationIdeas

Rereading this prompted a brain dump.  A few hours of typing, when I
really could have used a good meal.  Such is life.

rdfweb-dev has been very interesting, and I'm grateful for and inspired
by the work that's being talked about here, but it's not really what I
hoped to find when I ran across this list.  This is, however, the
closest I've been able to find.

I'm more of a networking protocol and security guy than a semantics
engine guy, and for a few months before finding you I've had some ideas
related to (what you have implemented as) FOAF which are largely
orthogonal to most of what happens here.  (If there's another community
you can recommend, please pipe up!)  Even so, perhaps this evening's
scribble is worth sending.  At the very least, maybe this can serve as
prior art, so nobody patents these fairly obvious notions, and locks us
out of using them.

- Stuff at the intersection of calendaring, foaf, and notification is
  particularly fuzzy.  Typical for the dump of a brain in progress.
- I'll leave the modelling to those who do it well; I just put
  everything under the generic term "FOAF data".
- By using a variety of terms like "access lists" and "permissions", I
  don't mean to imply multiple security schema.
- The data model of access control on the RDF store is probably far too
  specific and verbose.



Scott Northrop

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