[rdfweb-dev] Smushing the Semantic Web / Invalid data in IFP's

Perry Lorier perry at coders.net
Wed Mar 24 11:51:25 UTC 2004

Victor Lindesay wrote:
> My FOAF at:
> http://www.schemaweb.info/foaf/vlindesay.xml
> contains foaf:PersonalProfileDocument but your validator can't find it.
> Not does it find the numerous instances of foaf:mbox_sha1sum.
> May I respectfully suggest that you test your software before release.

My humblest apologies if it wasn't made clear, this was just supposed to 
be a simple quick hack for discussion purposes rather than any practical 
release.  It was more to provoke discussion such as, what are the issues 
with saying something is "good" foaf, especially considering almost any 
reasonable FOAF file contains foaf, dc, rdf, rdfs, wn, cyc, geo and 
perhaps other namespaces?  Does validating fields with regex's make 
sense?  What are the regex's that things should be validated against? 
What kind of validations should we be doing?  The multiple, unrelated 
<foaf:Person>'s discussed is one example of this.

If it eventually evolves into a tool that is practically useful, then 
the entire community has gained something.  If it languishes and dies, 
because of nasty bugs, then well, we've gained a lot of knowledge about 
the issues and have a place to move forward.

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