[rdfweb-dev] Publickey as InverseFunctionalProperty to be preffered over mbox_sha1sum

Morten Frederiksen mof-rdf at mfd-consult.dk
Wed Mar 24 21:30:32 UTC 2004


On Wednesday 24 March 2004 10:21, Reto Bachmann-Gmuer wrote:
> I think it would be important to have the public-key or its fingerprint
> (if this is long enough to have no real risk of collision) as
> InverseFunctionalProperty for identifying foaf:Agents.
You might want to see http://rdfweb.org/topic/PgpVocabUndocumentedIssue - 
which is about the "missing" property for relating a key to its user.

Also, I've recently updated http://rdfweb.org/topic/TrustVocabIssue - which 
is about the http://xmlns.com/wot/0.1/ namespace.

In TrustVocabIssue it is noted that the wot:identity property is the inverse 
of the missing property, and that it should be a FunctionalProperty, thus 
making the missing property an InverseFunctionalProperty.


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