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I have been looking at your specification for FOAF as part of my dissertati=
on, the development of an RDF/XML data model for bibliogrpahic data.  There=
 is a lot of overlap between FOAF and the topic.  I have a query.  The FOAF=
 class document is a subClassOf the wordnet Document as is the FOAF class I=
mage as "all images are documents".  My question is: Why is FOAF Image not =
a subset of FOAF document?  It seems more reasonable assumption from your d=
escription that a FOAF image is a semantically refined type of Document so =
it could therefore be parsed (if required) as a FOAF document,  similar to =
the way Dublin Core refines its elements with qualifiers.

If anyone does care to take a look at my work - the latest handin is availa=
ble as pdf at http://www.macs.hw.ac.uk/~ceerdl/Dissertation/dissertation.pdf
and my latest prototype is available at

Any comments are gratefully recieved.

Thanks =

Richard Lennox

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