[rdfweb-dev] Publickey as InverseFunctionalProperty to be preffered over mbox_sha1sum

Taral taral at taral.net
Sat Mar 27 18:22:56 UTC 2004

Reto Bachmann-Gmuer wrote:
> To be able to conclude that #someone owl:equals #somebody I think the
> following would be needed:
> 1. wot:inverseOfIdentity should exist
> 2. wot:inverseOfIdentity should be an InverseFunctionalProperty
> 3. wot:fingerprint should be an InverseFunctionalProperty

You miss the meaning of a FunctionalProperty. This would suffice:

     <wot:fingerprint>645D 8055 B685 E0EC 3B0B  B507 3B29 6D51 CC18 
     <wot:identity rdf:resource="#someone" />
     <wot:identity rdf:resource="#somebody" />

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