[rdfweb-dev] FOAF Properties Cardinality

David Menendez zednenem at psualum.com
Wed Mar 31 05:58:53 UTC 2004

Laurent Hausermann writes:

> It won't be easy to design a Object model to manager FOAF File ! 
> Do you consider that if an application (mine ;) reject a foaf:person
> with two names, it will be a 
> Foaf specification violation ?
> Have-you got any UML modelisation of FOAF specification or FOAF real
> "usage" (based on foaf comunity usage statistics ) ? 

I can't speak for common usage, but my FOAF profile lists three values
for foaf:name for me (two in English for "Dave" and "David", and another
in Japanese for no good reason).

In general, I don't think RDF maps very well to an object paradigm,
unless you set it up so that "somePerson.name" yields a set, rather than
a specific value.
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