[rdfweb-dev] Styling schemas and *-a-matic

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Tue May 4 08:13:08 UTC 2004

Ian Davis wrote:

>I use XSLT to generate the HTML versions of the RDF schemas at
>vocab.org [1]. I need to write up the toolchain but basically I have
>an XSLT that generates a Makefile for a schema. Running Make on the
>Makefile applies another XSLT repeatedly to the schema to generate the
>main HTML page, plus individual RDF and HTML documents for each term
>in the schema.
Thanks, a crafty approach (hmm, suggests experimentation with Ant might 
be in order).
I just hit a more immediate concern I'd overlooked - editing existing 
instance data. So now I'm thinking maybe it might be more useful to run 
XSLT on (normalised) profile documents to generate forms with the values 
already filled in, rather than deriving the forms from the original 
schema directly. Dunno, need to play.

>I'll move to RDFT[2] once I have a faster parser written, the PHP one
>was easy to code but the speed sucks.
Heh, not the first time I've heard about slow PHP parsing this week. 
Considered Raptor? 

>[1] http://vocab.org/2004/03/toolchain/
>[2] http://www.semanticplanet.com/2003/08/rdft/



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