[rdfweb-dev] NEEDED: SIMPLE FOAF->Javabeans conversion

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Wed May 5 21:58:31 UTC 2004

Marc Canter wrote:

> My good friend Danny Ayers turned us (Tribe in this context) onto this 
> entire system for converting rdf to Java.
The entire system I mentioned being OntoJava, IIRC. Ok, overkill. I 
thought I had seen something around Jena for JSPs, but the list archives 
aren't properly searchable, and neither of the responses I got (below) 
said "we did that" (the original query included mention of an object DB, 

I'd say - what danbri said (if I had time and inspiration) - but here's 
a shorter, modified version: depends what you wanted to do with the 
material, but given the kind of structures FOAF usually describes, I 
think a simple mapping could work, just to a frame with slots. Pretty 
node-oriented. Make a class Person. Add single fields (this.mbox, 
this.homepage) for the IFPs, maybe java.util.Sets for the fields where 
more than one value was expected (e.g. foaf:knows). Make it a 
serializable etc so it's a bean. Bake. Serve on toast.


[Dave Reynolds]
I assume, from the mention of DBs, you mean specifically EJBs rather than
plain javabeans. There have been jena-dev questions from people working
with Jena and EJBs so I'm sure that can be done but I'm not aware of any
packaged code to help with it.

I suppose using EJB with "Bean Managed Persistence" should be quite easy
to be done with a jena model instad of a RDBMS, jena based "Container
Managed Persistance" would be a project of it's own. However I'm not
sure if a layer encapsulating the storage is useful, for my application
I've chosen to have the servlets access the Jena-Model directly, using
EJB I probably would let the Session beans access the model directly
rather than via Entity Beans.

> But we don’t need all that. That’s overkill. It’ll take more time to 
> just deal with all that, then to…
> Anyway – here’s what the Tribe is looking for:
> - their whole world if Javabeans
> - they want to convert FOAF to and from their world
> - this will lead to a demo showing Ecademy (thank you jUlian – in 
> advance) connecting FOAF files with Tribe.net.
> - that then leads to a formal chartering of a FOAFnet fo commercial 
> FOAF based systems
> - but first things first we need aworking demo
> - and that requires moving FOAF into and out of Javabeans
> - J
> The statement was “isn’t there somebody out there who’s converted FOAF 
> into Javabeans?”
> So I ask you – dear mail list – is there?
> - Marc
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