[rdfweb-dev] RDF examples/schemas for describing concerts, performances, etc

Graham Klyne gk at ninebynine.org
Thu May 6 14:10:41 UTC 2004


I'm looking for some examples of schema and data used to describe concerts 
and other kinds of performance or entertainment event.  I have an idea that 
someone on this list is doing something like this, but a dig around with 
Google and scanning the ESW Wiki hasn't shown me quite what I'm looking for.

I would expect that the data would incorporate a combination of:
   calendaring/event data (when)
   geo/positioning (where)
   music and/or theatrical and/or artistic information (what)
   FOAF or similar to describe performers (who)
   booking information (how [1])
   travel information (how [2])
   RSS or similar for links to reviews (why?)
and maybe more...

Does anyone know if there is anything out there that tackles any of 
this?  I'm aware of the iCalendar vocabulary work, some Geo work described 
in the ESW Wiki, some music-specific vocabularies by Kanzaki, FOAF, RSS, 
etc.  My question is aimed more at the more event-specific vocabularies, 
and practical considerations of using the different voabularies all together.

(I also found a couple of "nearby" ideas, like danbri's "opening hours" 
usecase, and a conference ontology.  I also just discovered mention of work 
related to TV listings [2].)

(In drafting this, I'm wondering if what I'm looking for is some collection 
of terms that mesh nicely with Danny Ayer's W6 vocabulary [1]?)


[1] http://ideagraph.net/xmlns/ibis/w6/

[2] http://www.hackdiary.com/archives/000038.html

Graham Klyne
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