[rdfweb-dev] RDF examples/schemas for describing concerts, performances, etc

Danny Ayers danny666 at virgilio.it
Thu May 6 15:57:05 UTC 2004

Graham Klyne wrote:

> Does anyone know if there is anything out there that tackles any of 
> this?  I'm aware of the iCalendar vocabulary work, some Geo work 
> described in the ESW Wiki, some music-specific vocabularies by 
> Kanzaki, FOAF, RSS, etc.  My question is aimed more at the more 
> event-specific vocabularies, and practical considerations of using the 
> different voabularies all together.

Kanzaki again, using iCal :

(Now that's what I call styling!)

> (In drafting this, I'm wondering if what I'm looking for is some 
> collection of terms that mesh nicely with Danny Ayer's W6 vocabulary 
> [1]?)
I hadn't thought of your use case, but it does sound like there should 
be a nice fit. I've still not played with the vocab enough to discover 
what does and doesn't work when applied to a specific domain, so any 
suggestions there would be be very welcome. I'm /hoping/ it will soon 
help provide annotations/glue for some project description stuff I'm 
working on (when the pets let me ;-)


> [1] http://ideagraph.net/xmlns/ibis/w6/
>     http://www.schemaweb.info/schema/SchemaDetails.aspx?id=154
> [2] http://www.hackdiary.com/archives/000038.html
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