[rdfweb-dev] FOAFnet and the future of FOAF in commercial systems

B.K. DeLong bkdelong at pobox.com
Thu May 6 20:37:29 UTC 2004

At 01:10 PM 5/6/2004 -0700, Marc Canter wrote:
>- and needless to say - we'll be looking to YOU FOLKS for what the hell
>that spec is.  The discussions on evolution, extensions, etc, happen
>here.  But look at what happened with SixApart when it wasn't clear what
>the spec was!  Or the on-going discussions with Julian and Ecademy -
>which are frustrating as hell to him.  All we all want is to get
>commercial systems talking to each other.  We don't need to worry about
>which airport my psychological sense of direction is immersed in..... at
>least not yet.

I have to agree. While I have made several proposals for extending bio: and 
rel:, I have also questioned some of the things directly in foaf: and all 
I've gotten was mostly empty air. What's the process for making an official 
suggested change? The Foaflog seems in limbo and not much of the wiki is 
updated of late.  With the plethora of YASNs coming out of the woodwork, I 
think the time is now to nail down some of the basics of the FOAF vocab and 
then modularize it. Heck, we may want to modularize the FOAF vocab as it is 
and look at creating modules for bio, rel, geo, etc.

Just my $0.02.

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