[rdfweb-dev] NEEDED: SIMPLE FOAF->Javabeans conversion

Leigh Dodds ldodds at ingenta.com
Fri May 7 08:43:16 UTC 2004

Julian Bond wrote:

> "Is there any sample code out there where someone has converted some 
> bits of FOAF into Javabeans"
> I think it's highly unlikely anyone has a generic toolkit for doing this 
> as I'm not even sure it would be possible. But it's possible that 
> someone's built a specific app that processed specific parts of FOAF 
> into a javabean and wouldn't mind sharing the code. It's also entirely 
> possible that nobody's ever done that.

Didn't I provide this already? [1]. Here's the example code snippet that 
I just sent Marc and Paul, its uses the classes from the FOAF-a-Matic:

Model model = ModelFactory.createDefaultModel();
model.read("some-foaf.rdf", "");
PersonBeanFactory factory = new PersonBeanFactory(model);
Person person = factory.getPrimaryPerson();

List friends = factory.getFriends();
for (Iterator iter = friends.iterator(); iter.hasNext(); )
   Person friend = (Person)iter.next();
   System.out.println(person.getFirstName() + " knows " + 

Like I said [1], it's not perfect, but the code is reasonably clear I 
think and there are even a few test cases. If I get time over the 
weekend I'll package it up separately.



[1]. http://rdfweb.org/pipermail/rdfweb-dev/2004-May/013173.html

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