[rdfweb-dev] Standard Person Name components

Richard Lennox listserve at richardlennox.net
Fri May 7 10:55:31 UTC 2004

From: "Adrian Tritschler" <ajft at ajft.org>

> In your research, don't just look at RDF/XML resources, "naming" has
> been covered in other areas as well.

Do you know of any particular places/areas so that I can narrow my search? -
google is not being very helpful!

> Me, I've got two "second" names, and far too often I don't fit into the
> (mostly american) insistence on first name, *one* middle name, and a
> surname.   A friend a long time ago had no middle name, her university
> had to give her an initial of "X" otherwise their admin system wouldn't
> accept her.  Another Sri Lankan friend, he had a total of eleven names,
> and writing them all out in full would blow out *any* form in existence.

My current thinking with regard to recording detailed person names is of a
sorted collection of components controlled by the user/machin creating the
rdf following the custom of the person in question (with some
constrints/rules).  With the components (all repeatable 0+ times as

- prefix
- title (a less general prefix)
- primary given name (when repated effect is name is equivalent to "John
- secondary given name (as opposed to middle names which looks funny and is
not in the middle in the case of Turkish Names whose culture is
- articular (van, de la, von, etc.)
- family name
- generational identifier
- suffix

This would certainly handle no middle names and the eleven names of your Sri
Lankan friend. But I am unsure as to whether the compnents are correct and
cannot find any description or project that covers this.  What does everyone


[1] http://dublincore.org/documents/name-representation/


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