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Jeremy Gray jeremy at jeremygray.ca
Sun May 9 17:03:56 UTC 2004

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> What's ALWAYS burning in my brain - is the issue of "where's the
> data?" Is it ALL in the FOAF, safely tucked away in some SQL or
> other, and we're just carrying around pointers or what.

It sounds to me like you are posing an "or" question, but I'm going to
answer the question with "yes".

There's nothing to stop FOAF that is somehow delivered to an interested
party, whether via pull or push, basic crawling and scuttering or some more
advanced distributed data system, from being an at-delivery-generated FOAF
representation of information that may well be stored in some completely
different system - mapped into the FOAF world on the fly (and possibly
cached until the next underlying data change) much like numerous
RSS-generating systems.


> But now that Danny has broached the MeNowDocuments issue, I say
> it's time to clearly delineate usage of FOAF and systematically
> dole out classes along usage scenarios.

Agreed. The "MeNowDocument" concept raises so many issues with regard to the
nature of FOAF systems and to the modeling of their schemata that it is well
worth exploring as a way to bring those issues out to the forefront.

Jeremy Gray

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