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Graham Klyne GK at
Tue May 11 16:20:38 UTC 2004

If folks are building a presence vocabulary, it might be worth ensuring 
that there's no (semantic) conflict with IETF work in this area [1].  The 
proposed IETF core presence format is pretty minimal, so I wouldn't expect 
any problem in that area.

Also, for common elements, there are QNames in the XML form that might be 
adopted directly to form URIrefs in the RDF form.

The Jabber folks are also working in the IETF, on the understanding that 
their work will be compatible at some level with the IETF CPIM work (cf. 





At 14:07 11/05/04 +0200, Danny Ayers wrote:
>Joel De Gan wrote:
>>In response to below:
>>A call for comments.
>>Some took your term "MeNowDocument" and have kind of ran with it. Hope 
>>you don't mind coining a term?
>Heh, wish it had been something better.
>there's the following list of " mechanisms successful pieces of social 
>software tend to have".
>    * Identity
>    * Presence
>    * Relationships
>    * Conversations
>    * Groups
>    * Reputation
>    * Sharing
>(Not sure where FOAF's projects and documents stuff would go).
>It seems to me that the MeNowDocument kind of thing is "Presence", 
>augmented with bits about  what you're currently doing, the webcam of 
>where you are etc.
>I'm not familiar with what's currently available with IM, but presumably 
>there a a common set of terms there that could maybe be used to form the 
>basis of a Presence vocabulary.(I'm sure this has come up on list before 
>too). I bet there's something straight-XML out there already. I had a 
>short search for RDF-specific stuff, there's a little RDF vocab already 
>aimed at RSS :
>and this seems jabber-oriented :
>and I'm guessing some of Edd's Bluetooth material might be appropriate too.
>>-Joel De Gan
>>On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 05:09, Danny Ayers wrote:
>>>At the moment the API has a PostURI [1] which is primarily for entries 
>>>but is also available for comments and trackback ping. So far so good. 
>>>But a use case seems to be emerging around FOAF that suggests a 
>>>variation on this. Though this is only a single scenario, it sounds to 
>>>me like there's a whole class of operations waiting in the wings.
>>>A FOAF PersonalProfileDocument is a relatively static file, little 
>>>changes from week to week. But there's talk of using it to signal much 
>>>more frequent changes, such as the current mood of the blogger or what 
>>>music they're playing. There's been talking of implementing this for use 
>>>in a centralised social networking server. The kind of implementation 
>>>that has been suggested follows essentially the same system as a 
>>>server-side aggregator, periodically polling the FOAF profiles. But if 
>>>this is to be used to signal minute-by-minute changes on thousands of 
>>>users it very quickly hits scalability problems.
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