[rdfweb-dev] MeNowDocument proposed FOAF extension

Jeremy Gray jeremy at jeremygray.ca
Wed May 12 15:32:47 UTC 2004

I'd type up my own detailed comments to the proposal but I'd basically be
repeating everything mentioned by Leigh and B.K. The short version would go
something like: domains, ranges, subproperties, leverage other RDF schemas,
less will-nilly properties and more domain modeling, break into MeNowCore
vs. a set of MeNow* schemas.

Given recent discussion about modularization of the main FOAF spec, I'm a
bit surprised to see a proposed module spec that is equally monolithic,
especially given the parties involved in its creation. Were I to quote one
of the replies so far, just to reinforce the point a bit, it would be this
closing statement from Leigh:

> Some of the properties are obviously self-contained so could be
> factored out into smaller specs, e.g. all of the gaming data. I'm
> not a big fan of lots of tiny namespaces, but there's seems several
> conceptual groupings here: online presence, real-world presence,
> activities, gaming. Taking these forward separately seems like a
> simpler goal as it'll be easier to get buy in from particular
> communities.

Jeremy Gray

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