[rdfweb-dev] MeNowDocument proposed FOAF extension

Jeremy Gray jeremy at jeremygray.ca
Wed May 12 15:52:01 UTC 2004

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> At 08:32 AM 5/12/2004 -0700, Jeremy Gray wrote:
> >Given recent discussion about modularization of the main FOAF spec,
> >I'm a bit surprised to see a proposed module spec that is equally 
> >monolithic, especially given the parties involved in its creation.
> Heh - just a reminder that we started working on this about 24hrs
> ago and we keep saying over & over again this is a living document.
> Feedback is good and WE DO have plans for a core spec, modular specs
> and new/other schemas. We're just trying to keep everyone in the
> loop as we develop it.


Totally understood. That said, the FOAF spec itself likely represents a good
example of the value of breaking things up right from the start if at all
possible, as I'm sure intentions would have seen it broken up but the
reality is that it has not been. These kinds of things can get stuck in one
big hunk pretty easily once other people start referring to them as anything
resembling normative. ;) Such early break-up would at the very least allow
for parallel revision by multiple community members each taking
responsibility for one or more modules, especially early on when the
document would be revised quite frequently. 

As for "WE DO have plans for a core spec, modular specs and new/other
schemas": glad to hear it. 'Tis the first I've heard of it, though. You
might want to add a small section near the top of the spec document briefly
describing the roadmap and touch on subjects like this.

Jeremy Gray

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