[rdfweb-dev] MeNowDocument proposed FOAF extension

Jeremy Gray jeremy at jeremygray.ca
Wed May 12 16:35:31 UTC 2004

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> In addition, in thinking about this, I am unsure if MeNowDocument
> properly will address the areas we are trying to describe. I suggest
> that we change the name to PersonalProfileStatus (PPS) or something
> along those lines before we are entrenched in MND.

As a consistency suggestion, PersonalProfileDocument vs.
PersonalStatusDocument, as opposed to PersonalProfileStatus (which might
imply "the profile of the status" or "the status of the profile"? :) )

> At this point, we are mostly interested in as you state the
> "MeNowCore" and trimming off the extraneous stuff and toss that
> into subs or a 'more' doc so that it is known they are extra. Items
> stated as proposed are just from a brainstormming session we had on
> IRC.

Core vs. a number of others would be better than just Core or Core vs.
"More", but Core vs. "More" will certainly do the trick for the time being.

> Thanks so much for comments from everyone, in particular Leigh.

I'm not Leigh, but you're welcome. :D

Jeremy Gray

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