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Simon Price simon.price at bristol.ac.uk
Wed May 12 19:29:28 UTC 2004

DanB wrote a MUD to find the way to the fridge at ILRT :-)


Leigh Dodds wrote:
> Joel De Gan wrote:
>> I am sure that D&D people could also turn a MUD into some real life
>> thing that people could watch online and send messages to cell phones.
> There are some interesting cross-overs between RDF/FOAF and MUDs. 
> There's Liam Quinn's RDF Adventure game [1] for starters.
> Also interesting is Inform [2] its a programming language and
> environment for "interactive fiction" (mainly text based adventuring).
> It's not even remotely related to RDF but I was intrigued by the
> fact that to describe a location you basically itemise a series
> of resources and their properties:
> Object   BoringRoom "Boring Room"
>    with  description "This room is empty. There is nothing here but the
>          wood panelling on the walls and the baseboard.";
>    has   light;
> There's obviously more too it as you can define dynamic behaviour with
> simple scripting.
> Combining a description with the Inform "world rules" gives you a game.
> The world rules know about stacking things, light sources, etc so you
> get a world you can interact with, without a great deal of effort.
> So where does FOAF fit in?
> I was thinking about a different form of home page. Rather than an
> HTML document, an Inform environment. i.e. generate a basic Inform
> description from your FOAF file.
> This isn't that crazy an idea when you think that you've already
> got the ability to describe stuff that you own ("there's a shelf
> with books on it") or what you're listening to ("the radio is playing
> a strange song....").
> It'd be quite fun to generate something automatically based on simple
> heuristics such as how many books you own, what your interests are, etc.
> Of course there's also the potential to add extra properties to your
> FOAF to further describe the scene(s). And add interactivity ("leave a
> message for me on the pad..."; retune the radio and have it update
> your playlist).
> Musing aloud...
> L.
> [1]. http://dirk.holoweb.net/~liam/rdfg/rdfg.cgi
> [2]. http://www.inform-fiction.org/
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