[rdfweb-dev] Re: New tool: BEAT.THE.FOAM v. 0.1

Zaczek hydrozag at poczta.onet.pl
Mon Nov 29 16:22:56 UTC 2004

Użytkownik Danny Ayers <danny.ayers at gmail.com> napisał:
>Nice work!

Hey. Thanks.

>I also think it would be nice to drop the rdf:Bag, but note that it\'s
>also used by del.icio.us themselves in their RSS feeds (example
>below). But <foam:meme>tag</foam:meme> does have a certain elegance.

If I understand the RDF-Primer correctly, the rdf:Bag is meant to indicate
that its elements constitute a whole, rather than just a sum of individual elements.
In the taxonomy module, it's good to have both the possibility to make individual
statements and a bag collection. Sometimes you might want to say that
a group of topics describe something and it wouldn't be the same as just an
addition of all those topics. Like there's something extra coming from the unique

I would prefer to leave that liberty to collectors of memes as well. 

>I\'m not sure about the auto-generated mbox URIs as identifiers, I
>guess it\'s still consistent with the IFP nature of mbox (they aren\'t
>FPs), but smushing could prove tricky. Might be worth having a look at
>the way Seth Ladd\'s been doing flickr data - another example below.

I saw the flickr thing, but I don't understand how it works with the spec
because  <foaf:holdsAccount> is not an IFP according to http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/

In the implementation that I made the <foaf:mbox> is there just for
the validation. I can't generate a meaningful one, because I don't have access to this
data. The FOAM vocabulary can be used in "real" FOAF profiles with "real" <foaf:mbox>.
My implementation sort of creates a small FOAM world where the memes and their
relationships are the key, not people. I was interested to make a tool that 
would enable us to analyze how memes travel from node to node. It's not
important in this regard that the nodes are existing people. 
I find FOAF is great for that. I realize that this is something of a heresy
to say that people are not important in FOAF :) but here I am saying it :)

>Being able to query over flickr and del.icio.us would be cool, the
>tag=foam:meme approach sounds workable, but it might be useful to
>somehow tie the tags in with other controlled vocabularies/taxonomies.
>I\'m not sure exactly how, but I bet SKOS would be useful somehow - I
>really like what Morten\'s done for personal blog category tagging with
>his FOAF Output plugin. What the heck, another example below...

I still think of developing SID.VICIO.US into a more complete tool. 
First I have got to figure out how to make a mechanism
for conflict resolution for logical conflicts coming
from the casual use of tags that people have. 

>Whatever you do, keep those Sparql examples coming - our kitten
>appreciates them ;-)

Just make sure Sparql gets some fresh air and doesn't spend 
the whole day reading books ;) I wish my cat was interested in 
something besides destroying the furniture and jumping at me in
the middle of the night...


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