[rdfweb-dev] New tool: BEAT.THE.FOAM v. 0.1

Alex Stewart am2stewa at uwaterloo.ca
Tue Nov 30 20:06:41 UTC 2004

On Mon, Nov 29, 2004 at 05:22:56PM +0100, Zaczek wrote:
> In the implementation that I made the <foaf:mbox> is there just for
> the validation. I can't generate a meaningful one, because I don't
> have access to this data. The FOAM vocabulary can be used in "real"
> FOAF profiles with "real" <foaf:mbox>.  My implementation sort of
> creates a small FOAM world where the memes and their relationships are
> the key, not people. I was interested to make a tool that would enable
> us to analyze how memes travel from node to node. It's not important
> in this regard that the nodes are existing people.  I find FOAF is
> great for that. I realize that this is something of a heresy to say
> that people are not important in FOAF :) but here I am saying it :)

I'm worried about the smushability of FOAM data. (My concerns could
mostly be resolved if foam:memes was a functional property. It's more
work for the smushers, but c'est la vie.) However, you seem to be
worried about the sets of interests and how they change. You may want to
consider not talking about the Person at all, since you don't seem to be
using the tuples that it generates.

After reading the "Why you would need it" and "Algorithm" sections of
[1] and comparing it to what you've written above, I fear I may not
understand your goals. How do you find out how a meme got to a certain
node? The RDF you've written doesn't seem to be able to answer that
question. I like your idea of studying meme propagation, but I'm worried
that you haven't the right classes and properties to do that yet.


1. http://alteree.hardcore.lt/foam/

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