[rdfweb-dev] experimental bookmark to owl generator

Zaczek hydrozag at poczta.onet.pl
Sun Oct 10 09:09:06 UTC 2004

Hi. I have made an experimental add-on to Joshua Schachter's del.icio.us

It's meant to help people create simplified ontologies. It follows the logic
of del.icio.us in the sense that no hierarchies are involved and
that users have complete freedom as to what they are tagging and how.

The tool creates and uses the OWL format. Every subject and object item is
in the class
"everything" because classes are not used in this project. The owl file
stores statements connecting tags in delicious. The usefulness of the system
will depend on whether users will decide to use common ways of meta-tagging.
The tools just gives them such an incentive.

An early working version of the tool - called SID.VICIO.US  - is here:
A form allows people to choose an ontology and a delicious URI to metatag
(could work for
other catalogs if they have the same URI convention as delicious).

Each ontology has a name and is stored in the folder
Ontologies can be applied to any delicious URI.

The code might still be very buggy at this stage. In particular it doesn't
do anything with unicode
characters, so the xml will be invalid if tags with special characters are
used (the application
should work anyway though). It might also crash with tags that have "/" in
them (although i didn't test that

I tested with the OWL validator at http://owl.bbn.com/validator/
the resulting OWL seems to be more or less ok, at least as far as i can

Anyway, consider that a proof-of-concept rather than a real service. So
don't expect
outstanding performance or a bug-free experience.

I will shortly add a form for editing statements (so far you can only add).
I guess i will
just let people hide statements, and not modify or delete them.

The default bookmarks to play with are http://del.icio.us/maratimba
I just picked that at random.


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