[rdfweb-dev] Re: Photo database ontology decisions

Jim Ley jim at jibbering.com
Mon Oct 11 10:06:55 UTC 2004

"Cameron McCormack" <cam-rdfweb-dev at aka.mcc.id.au> 
wrote in message news:20041008052541.GB31277 at mcc.id.au...
>  - Each photo has three forms: the original, a scaled down version for
>    web pages, and a thumbnail.

Mortenf models that with a foaf:orginal, a foaf:image and a foaf:thumbnail - 
foaf:original isn't legit, but I think the idea is a good one - the original 
is rarely something a person would want to use as an a image, we want the 
scaled down one.  So I like the model, and we should talk to Morten to find 
out what's going on with foaf:original.

>  - Each video has a thumbnail.

Hmm, currently you can't use foaf:thumbnail for this, foaf:thumbnail has 
domain of Image - and I don't think a Video is an image (although it might 
be since an SVG document is given as an example of an image - so animation / 
time based factor perhaps is allowed) - I think this should be raised as an 

>  - For each photo and video I want to specify:
>      - a name and an XHTML description

Easy dc:title and foaf:page can link both those of things.

>      - who is in it

foaf:depicts  (lots of stuff on codepiction)

>      - where it was taken

Mortenf uses dc:spatial to link the image to the geo:point - I'm not so sure 
about this, but it's what's being used now, and it's good enough certainly.

>      - at what event it was taken

Morten does this aswell with cyc:event IIRC - not sure though, hopefully 
he'll pop up and explain.

>  - In the future I may get some GPS equipment and want to tag my photos
>    and videos with coordinates, but for the moment I just want to
>    specify a place name.  These place names could be something like
>    "China" or "Melbourne" or "my kitchen".  I want it so that I can
>    search for photos taken in Melborne and that will also come up with
>    those taken in my house (since it is in Melbourne).

Yep, here you need to start defining the places, and a heirachy of places - 
we developed some geo properties for this at the workshop last week - I'm 
not sure what chaals did with them though, so we need to wait for him to 
come back to life!  - for now though you'll want to give your places a URI, 
(for melbourne, your kitchen etc.  then you'll later need to say that your 
kitchen is within the region of melbourne etc.)

>  1. Does it really matter if my cyc:Event and foaf:Person resources
>     don't have any inverse functional properties associated with them?

Probably - especially for www2004 events say - where other people will also 
have marked up photos, and we can then know they were taken at the same 
event - the same with foaf:Person.

>  2. How should I label my cyc:Event resources?  dc:title or rdfs:label
>     or something else?  What if I have
>       [ a cyc:Event ;
>         rdfs:label "SVG Open 2004" ;
> foaf:homepage <http://www.svgopen.org/2004/> ] .

I would hope either would be fine (it'll depend on the tools, and I think 
tools are likely to look for both of those on unknown things)

>       [ a cyc:Event ;
>         rdfs:label "SVG Open conference, 2004" ;
> foaf:homepage <http://www.svgopen.org/2004/> ] .
>     ?  Does it matter?

Nope, things can have different labels - we know they're the same thing - 
there is a question of which you choose when displaying it - but that's a 
question all over RDF.

>  3. Is there some existing RDF data that has continents/countries/
>     states/cities/suburbs arranged hierarchically for me to use

Not that I know of, but I want to put one together.

>     If I do create my own place resources, would it be bad to give them
>     URIs?

No, but if you can create a single ontology for places like Melbourne, it'd 
be good - your kitchen, I don't see a problem (although is it the concept of 
your kitchen, or is it a particular kitchen in a particular house?)

Well, I answered what I could...



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