[rdfweb-dev] FOAF without email/sha?

Libby Miller libby at asemantics.com
Thu Apr 7 09:27:19 UTC 2005


One (rather verbose way) is to do this:


but it still needs a page that's mostly about someone.

Any other suggestions welcome.


On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Hendy Irawan wrote:

> Hi Greg!
> > Jean Paul Sartre can be identified by
> > http://historical-id.info/person/4105
> Hey... I didn't expect anyone to actually look him up (was he really
> that famous?) but that's very nice :-)
> > There's no good interface for finding people in the historical id data,
> > and it only applies to famous-ish people, but the rdf is available from
> > http://www.historical-id.info/, and might be useful to you.
> Cool!
> But, if the person being foaf-ed isn't famous, still lives now, and
> wants to be foaf-ed but doesn't have an e-mail account, is this still
> possible? I mean, we could craft a FOAF RDF file for this guy (perhaps
> my mother) but then how do I refer to her? I couldn't use an sha1mbox
> because she doesn't have an e-mail (and doesn't want to have one, and
> I don't want to create a fake e-mail account for that purpose, because
> that won't make any sense). All I have is maybe a physical URI to the
> FOAF RDF itself, but an URI doesn't last a lifetime and I don't really
> want to refer to a URI but to a person....
> Is there really a way to express this "refer to a specific person" in
> FOAF other than by using explicit URI/e-mail/hashed e-mail?
> Maybe like, I have an e-mail that's associated with a FOAF. My friend
> knows me. And he also knows my mother. He would want to list my mother
> as his friend by saying "I know the mother of Hendy, and Hendy is
> identified by <my sha1mbox>, but I don't know Hendy's mother's ID". Is
> this expressable in FOAF?
> Thanks for all the help..... I'm currently running an Indonesian
> community site (Friendster-ish) at http://www.gauldong.net/ It
> currently has 2000 members since its launch about half a year ago. I'm
> trying to add automatic FOAF information for all our members... Not
> sure if that'd be useful, but sure is kinda' cool... and I bet nobody
> else in Indonesia has done it before. ;-)
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