RDF Lite & FOAF (was Re: [rdfweb-dev] an 'anchor' 'rdf:nodeID' and an 'href' 'rdf:nodeID')

Hendy Irawan gauldong at gmail.com
Fri Apr 15 13:51:56 UTC 2005

> I suppose it depends on what you're using, and what you feel you need to
> know. <foaf:knows> is a predicate, so using an rdf:nodeID means it's an
> href. <foaf:Person> is an object or subject, so it's an anchor. However,
> there's no way to determine that other than by looking at the code
> around it.
Weird... I wonder why HTML wasn't designed like that as well.

> Like I said, using an RDF toolkit is the way to go: it takes care of
> everything for you.
Is there such thing as RDF lite? That doesn't contain all the
abbreviations and (errr... complexities) of RDF/XML? I mean, the RDF
graph model is (I guess) simple, why does RDF XML have to be that
complicated... Ok, it's (fairly) easy to write RDF, but reading it
(from the machine perspective, that is)..... is not so. And that...
requires an "RDF toolkit".
I've found an RDF toolkit for PHP though, at PEAR and also at
powl.sourceforge.net ... so I guess it's not very much a problem. (and
almost no one today mentions "XML toolkit", which is kinda' good
thing, eh?)

> So, what're you trying to do? :)

My final project in college is building a kinda-like del.icio.us
site... and trying to provide some kind of RDF data... (what's
different with RSS? dunno)

But my primary interest on RDF is about FOAF. I need to manage
contacts/address book, and seemingly until now I haven't found a
decent thing to do it. Outlook is too slow for even just 3000 contacts
I have, and it's not that interoperable. My current "system" allows,
for example, to publish a vCalendar file that can be used by Mozilla
Sunbird or other vCalendar-based remote-calendar capable app (I guess
not Outlook?) to display their birthdays in my schedule (however,
Sunbird 0.2 is *dead slow* on displaying even just these amount of
data, damn).

I want the contact management app to be able to express relationships
between contacts and any arbitrary object (maybe another person, a
book, a movie, whatever, I call them "topics"--from the Topic Maps
model). I guess it's certain that I have to use a graph model, RDF or
Topic Maps for this kind of data, but RDF is simpler...

As bad as I haven't found a decent address book/contact management
app, it'd be just worse that I haven't found any that can export to a
FOAF file (well, since FOAF hasn't yet been a W3C Recommendation,

So, any ideas?

Hendy Irawan

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