[rdfweb-dev] rdf and publishing job vacancies

Neil Phillips neil at neilphillips.com
Wed Aug 10 08:51:41 UTC 2005


Apologies for the vague nature of my question, but it seems to be a specific
example of the more general question (rss/rdf/xml) that's been floating
around recently on this list.

A large not for profit organisation I've helped out in the past is looking
to re-design their jobs vacancy board to have better searching facilities,
and it makes sense that they should try and provide the data in more than
just html (their database has got the job vacancy detail broken down field
by field).

So.. it would be easy for them to publish their jobs as an RSS feed, I was
just wondering what the current thinking is in publishing in a more
semanticially useful way.

I'd done some work on this in the past (hence their question to me) at
http://www.jobble.org/examples.asp, but I'm still unclear whether it makes
more sense to add stuff like location to an RSS feed (it seems that some
search engines are moving in the direction of using geolocation in RSS feeds
for blogs and this would be a good fit), or whether if jobs were published
more formally there would be services in the near future which would consume
such a feed.

I'd be really grateful for any thoughts as to the best formats to publish
jobs in now, and in the near future (it'll be difficult to persuade them to
publish extra stuff for which there are no largish data consumers).



P.S. if anyone's got advice on semantic job publishing in general, that
would be great too.

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