[rdfweb-dev] Opinion on "Next Set of Entries"

John Breslin john.breslin at deri.org
Thu Aug 25 13:55:42 UTC 2005

Hi all -

A short question for you -

CaptSolo and I are writing SIOC [1] exporters for some discussion 
systems like WordPress, Drupal [2], etc.

Basically, if a Forum block shows a list of the posts it contains, and a 
Post shows a list of its replies, I've just limited this to 15 items at 
the moment.  Then a seeAlso could be used to link to the next set of 

Avoiding any RSS comparisons (!), can you tell me what you think would 
be the best way to reference those next 15 items?

Some options are: to just select the next 15 posts; to start from the 
1st (earliest) post and start numbering from there; or to do some kind 
of date-range-select thing.  At the moment, I just use the first option, 
but obviously if pages are cached and new posts are added then something 
gets displaced...

e.g. (the first number is the forum ID, the second is the starting point 
for the next set of items)

<rdfs:seeAlso rdfs:label="Posts 15 to 30" 

Hope it's clear what I'm looking for - thanks in advance for your ideas,


[1] http://rdfs.org/sioc/
[2] http://rdfs.org/sioc/drupal/

Dr. John Breslin
DERI, NUI Galway
john.breslin at deri.org

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