[rdfweb-dev] An actor's "role"

Ramon Antonio Parada rap at ramonantonio.net
Fri Jul 1 22:47:31 UTC 2005

Christopher Allen wrote:

>I'm trying to write up some metadata for online video documents, and in
>particular, give all the "credit due". This includes such things as who
>creatively contributed to the video, as well as attribution of any included
>content. This is particular important with Creative Commons, as you have to
>give attribution to any content you remix.
>I'm using FOAF to try to describe this, and ran into an issue -- where do I
>put the actor's role? i.e. Laura Flanagan plays Ruth.
>For now I've tried using foaf:nick, but that seems a bit improper. Is there
>any other name property that might be more suitable?
I think FOAF is not the correct way to describe contents like these. You
should create a new vocabulary that fits your needs. Something like
'Description Of Multimedia Content'. Otherwise by assigning the nick
statement you would corrupt metadata. Many times I thinkabout this
topic, that creating too much formats would be a problem but helps
enabling variety in the web.

Ramon Antonio Parada

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