[rdfweb-dev] isPrimaryTopicOf and homepage

Masahide Kanzaki post at kanzaki.com
Thu Jul 28 05:48:49 UTC 2005

Sorry for bothering many times. One question.

FOAF 'Pages about Things' Edition defines that
foaf:homepage rdfs:subPropertyOf foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf. (1)

Now I have a homepage of my own, however it's not about me but about music,
semantic web etc.

If (1) holds, then

[a foaf:Person;
 foaf:name "Masahide Kanzaki";
 foaf:homepage <http://www.kanzaki.com/> ] .


<http://www.kanzaki.com/> foaf:primaryTopic [a foaf:Person; foaf:name
"Masahide Kanzaki"] .

which is not true.

I guess foaf:homepage should not be a subPropertyOf foaf:isPrimaryTopicOf.
How do you think ?


KANZAKI, Masahide a.k.a. masaka
#Please use above address for a personal mail
#instead of post at kanzaki.com, which is for list only.

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