[rdfweb-dev] isPrimaryTopicOf and homepage

elijah wright elw at stderr.org
Fri Jul 29 16:04:14 UTC 2005

> And if you buy that then I've a coherent definition of "homepage" -
> A homepage of an entity X, is the content (not the URL) available (in 
> whatever form, and possibly that content is variable) by dereferencing a 
> URL that is used to denote X.

This gets messy rather quickly.  Folks who do genre analysis are painfully 
aware that there is no solid, coherent definition of "homepage" in use. 
The term is overloaded and rather indistinct.  Better to avoid it if 
possible, or at least apply a bit of specificity to it... 
"personalHomepage" et al subproperties, rather than "homepage" being 
overloaded to cover people, organizations, companies, data sets, et 


> A consequence of adopting this is this:
> http://ioctl.org/jan/ foaf:homepage {some literal content here}
> or if you prefer to talk about urls as being the "value" of a homepage,
> http://ioctl.org/jan/ foaf:homepage "http://ioctl.org/jan/"^^<xsd:uri>
> Anyhoo- Have a good weekend, jan

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