[rdfweb-dev] FOAF and the long dead ...

conor dowling conor at the325project.org
Sat May 7 00:09:53 UTC 2005

I'm getting up to speed on FOAF and from what I can tell it encourages 
the use of email or homepages for identification, "Inverse Functional 
Properties" in OWL. Problem is, the long dead lack email or home pages. 
Is this something that's under consideration or of interest to anyone?

In a Factlog (http://www.the325project.org/factlog/325Factlog.xul), 
I've taken to identifying such "web-free" folks using text references - 
xpointers into references to them in well regarded texts. For example, 
take a reference to the name "Constantine" in a text, where the name 
refers to the first emperor Constantine. Such a reference identifies 
him. It answers the question, which "Constantine" with "the one 
referenced in the second paragraph of the first part of Eusebius' Life 
of Constantine". That reference is to him and no one else.

Has anyone taken any other approach or if you're off the web, are you 
lost to the web?

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