[rdfweb-dev] FOAF and the long dead ...

Dan Brickley danbri at w3.org
Sat May 7 10:20:06 UTC 2005

* conor dowling <conor at the325project.org> [2005-05-06 17:09-0700]
> I'm getting up to speed on FOAF and from what I can tell it encourages 
> the use of email or homepages for identification, "Inverse Functional 
> Properties" in OWL. Problem is, the long dead lack email or home pages. 
> Is this something that's under consideration or of interest to anyone?
> In a Factlog (http://www.the325project.org/factlog/325Factlog.xul), 
> I've taken to identifying such "web-free" folks using text references - 
> xpointers into references to them in well regarded texts. For example, 
> take a reference to the name "Constantine" in a text, where the name 
> refers to the first emperor Constantine. Such a reference identifies 
> him. It answers the question, which "Constantine" with "the one 
> referenced in the second paragraph of the first part of Eusebius' Life 
> of Constantine". That reference is to him and no one else.
> Has anyone taken any other approach or if you're off the web, are you 
> lost to the web?

A nice idiom is to use well known documents, whose primary topic is the 
person concerned. This is pretty much as you suggest, except I tend to 
use entire documents rather than document fragments. The latter is 
possible too. So using the 'primaryTopic' property,

<Document rdf:about="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constantine_I_%28emperor%29">
     <name>Flavius Valerius Constantinus</name>
     <nick>Constantine the Great</nick> 
     <nick>Constantine I</nick>
     <depiction rdf:resource="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/2/29/180px-Constantine_I_Roman_Emperor.jpeg"/>

IMHO we have a case for an inverse of primaryTopic,  to allow the
Document details to be nested within the Person description in the 
RDF/XML markup. 'primaryTopicOf' perhaps...


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