[rdfweb-dev] FOAF, gravatars and weblog comments

Alexandre Passant alex at passant.org
Sat Nov 5 16:32:23 UTC 2005

2005/11/5, Gregory Williams <greg at evilfunhouse.com>:
> I thought you might be interested in my MT-CommentIcon plugin for
> MovableType. It does something very similar to what you suggest: if a
> commenter on my site specifies a URL, and a FOAF file can be found via that
> URL, my weblog looks for a foaf:depiction in that FOAF file, and uses a
> scaled version of that image as an icon next to the comment.
> The code page is here: http://kasei.us/code/mtcommenticon/
> And you can see it in action here (the icons on this page come from both
> FOAF files and from RSS feeds):
> http://kasei.us/archives/2003/09/30/icons
This is the kind of plug-in I'd like to see in weblogs, indeed.
Yet, as I say before, I'd prefer the gravatar location to be clearly
specified in FOAF files rather than the application will look for a
depiction and take one randomly.
Same approach to find weblog and/or e-mail address (that's why I
suggested the "blogging vocabulary")

> Since LiveJournal has depiction data for its users, this started working
> really well as soon as LiveJournal turned on FOAF support -- all of a
> sudden, there was a huge audience that could use this functionality simply
> by putting a link to their weblog in the comment form!
As before, I agree with the idea, but fell better when things are not
software dependent :)

Thanx for your feedback,


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