[rdfweb-dev] Integrating SIOC and FOAF

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Fri Oct 14 19:05:55 UTC 2005

On 10/8/05, Danny Ayers <danny.ayers at gmail.com> wrote:
> > 1) Subclass SIOC terms from FOAF terms
> 2) Use FOAF terms directly.
> > 2.1) Use FOAF terms + define SIOC terms
> > 3) Use both FOAF + SIOC
> > Can we make a resource subclass of sioc:User and foaf:Person at the same
> > time?
> If they *are* equivalent, I think a start would be to declare it in
> the schema. It gets ugly with the OWL DL using owl:sameAs, for most
> purposes owl:equivalentClass will do what's intended. If I remember
> correctly-

No - they are not equivalent after all. Some SIOC terms [1] are a
specialisation of FOAF terms (e.g., a Person), but not all FOAF terms will
have SIOC properties. So the cleanest way would be to just use "1) Subclass
SIOC terms from FOAF terms" and rely on reasoning engines to do
subclass->superclass inference.

[1] http://rdfs.org/sioc/spec

> Is it correct to say that sioc:creator_of has domain of foaf:Person?
> With the above, I think so.

In theory, if we follow the RDF matra "we can say anything about anything",
you could have foaf:Person in the domain of SIOC properties - or just use
SIOC properties on FOAF resources as their subjects. That is similar to how
DC properties are used together with FOAF. (And it is not formally specified
in either DC or FOAF schema that, e.g., foaf:Document is in the rdfs:domain
of dc:subject).

I don't really have any good answer as to what to use in instance docs
> though. Maybe life will get easier as and when more of the tools have
> basic inference built in (RDFS+FP/IFP smushing)...

In practice though the best solution seems to keep the vocabulary integrated
(use SIOC terms for basic class and not FOAF terms), define subClass
relationships and expect life to get easier as you described above.

Could you tell me what tools already have this basic inferencing built-in?


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