[rdfweb-dev] foaf:publications

Reto Bachmann-Gmür knobot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 11:29:35 UTC 2006

Peter Mika schrieb:
> Use#1 Some people use it to point to individual publications, which is not
> what the spec suggest, but imho it is quite useful, because it can be used
> even for disambiguation. A common problem with CiteSeer et al. is the
> conflation of people with the same name, while you could distinguish authors
> by their publications. ("I'm the Peter Mika who wrote 'Ontologies are
> us:...') BTW, in this usage foaf:publications is inverseOf swrc:author,
> which connects publications to authors. 
> [...]
> "The foaf:publications property indicates a foaf:Document listing (primarily
> in human-readable form) some publications associated with the foaf:Person.
> Such documents are typically published alongside one's foaf:homepage."
> [...]
> Some alternatives:
> a) Do nothing. 
> b) Sanction all uses (Use#1-#3) in the specification. 
> c) Stick to the current specification (Use#2), but advise people on how to
> implement the other two use cases.
I don't like the remark "primarily in human-readable form" in the
specification. I would propose to drop this in favor of something like:

We do not further constrain the characteristics of the document, we
suggest however that if it is named in an URL schema that supports
content negotiation a human readable representation should be available
as well an RDF/XML version describing a model containing resources of
which the subject is the foaf:maker. Note that a foaf:Person may be the
subject of multiple foaf:publications properties, their objects may
represent the same list of publications in different formats, other
ontologies (such as atomowl) may be used to indicate the format(s) in
which a foaf:Document is available.

This would allow the publication to be available both in Bibtex, XHTML
(witch microbib ?) and as RDF serialization.

The usage you mention to point directly to a publication seems pointless
to me, for this a foaf:published property could be created, but I'm not
sure if foaf:made isn't good enough for this.

I don't think foaf:published (with any usage) can be used for
disambiguation, it is not inverse-functional as two persons may have
exclusively published as co-authors, and thus share the same list of


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