[rdfweb-dev] foaf:publications

Reto Bachmann-Gmür knobot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 13:00:00 UTC 2006

Peter Mika schrieb:
> The mentioned case with the publications is a good example: if you find two
> foaf:Persons who have foaf:published the same publication, you cannot
> conclude that they are the same person. However, if their name also matches
> then you can be _very_ certain: it is highly unlikely that two authors of a
> publication have the same name.
> So alone it is not enough to disambiguate a person but taken together with
> other information it can very well be.
you sure can do reasonable guesses, but this work with a 
publication-list as well.

> Unfortunately, I don't think content-negotiation is or ever will be very
> widespread, so I'm in favor of having a property for which we know what kind
> of foaf:Document we get as a value.
sound like a argument for dropping RDF in favor of CSV ;-)

I'm not proposing to mandate content-negotiation, but URI-schemas like 
HTTP are very spread for naming foaf:Document and for this you may use 
content negotiation. Not only semweb oriented server like knobot, even 
apache supports it. You still may indicate the content-type of your list 
of publications, but this should not be constrained by the 
foaf:published property. If you prefer not use content negotiation and 
feel no need for "Cool URIs" you can have the following triples in your 
[ a foaf:Person;
  foaf:published [ = <http://example.org/pubs.xhtml>; eg:mediaType 
                           [ = <http://example.org/pubs.bibtex>; 
eg:mediaType "text/x-bibtex"]


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