[rdfweb-dev] foaf:publications

Reto Bachmann-Gmür knobot at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 13:42:43 UTC 2006

Peter Mika schrieb:
>> sound like a argument for dropping RDF in favor of CSV ;-)
> CSV is at least easy to write :)
indeed, the first line that's you, all other lines persons you know 
(FOAF 3.0)
>> I'm not proposing to mandate content-negotiation, but URI-schemas like
>> HTTP are very spread for naming foaf:Document and for this you may use
>> content negotiation. Not only semweb oriented server like knobot, even
>> apache supports it. You still may indicate the content-type of your list
>> of publications, but this should not be constrained by the
>> foaf:published property. If you prefer not use content negotiation and
>> feel no need for "Cool URIs" you can have the following triples in your
>> foaf-file:
>> [ a foaf:Person;
>>   foaf:published [ = <http://example.org/pubs.xhtml>; eg:mediaType
>> "application/xhtml+xml"],
>>                            [ = <http://example.org/pubs.bibtex>;
>> eg:mediaType "text/x-bibtex"]
>> ].
> The property is called foaf:publications :)
> Again, my feeling is that people (who have problems understanding the
> current two-liner of a definition) will certainly not go into the trouble of
> specifying content-types the way you suggest and/or configuring servers.
In my proposal the two-liner gets shorter, as the "human-readable" part 
is removed. (The lines added would be more an rdfs:comment that part of 
the skos:definition ;-)
> The implicit argument of trying to keep foaf simple (intentionally
> underspecified) is something I have sympathy with. What I'm trying to argue
> is that it would be important to support the possibility of pointing to
> individual publications (which can be used for disambiguation) as well as
> collections of publications (which can be used for presentation purposes or
> to acquire information about individual publications after further
> processing). So I would suggest minimally to refer to the foaf:made property
> in the definition of foaf:publications as a way to point to individual
> publications or even introduce a separate foaf:published property. 
> For
> pointing to BibTeX files I guess my approach will be to create a subproperty
> of foaf:publications.
you can do this - not sure if BibTeX is to be considered as a "human 
readable form", though.

  rdfs:subProprtyOf foaf:publications;
                a owl:Restriction;
                owl:onProperty eg:mimeType;
                owl:hasValue "application/x-bibtext"


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